Hair Replacement Systems

Ladies wigs have developed a very long way over the years, and Full Lace Wigs are the very latest development. Our Full Lace Wigs are made with swiss lace and silicone to grip the head, they have no wefts, no change of mesh ridge, no plastic, etc.

They use the finest swiss lace and silicone, to give you the ultimate in natural base finish all over. They use movie star type lace edge all round the edge of the base, not just at the front hair line. They can be styled up into a pony tail or very short styles with no give away hair line.

The base grips your head a little like a swimming cap, and therefore you may not need any tape or adhesive, This is very helpful in the case of Chemo or alopecia loss, as it allows your hair to re grow with in the wig, with no tape, glue or attachment problems.

The very fine swiss lace will allow your scalp to breath, so will not affect hair growth, and is very cool to wear.

Re bonded may not be required, saving costly visits to a clinic. The wig will last between 6 and 12 months, and will depend on how you handle the base, your life style, etc.

As more and more hair is removed from the market for hair extension work, companies have found it hard to get very good quality hair for their wigs. We only use the very best hair.

We would always recommend that Ladies have the styling carried out by their own hairdresser, as they will style it in the same way as you have your own hair.


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