Gents Hair Replacement Systems

While Hair replacement systems have been in use for many years, they have not always been the most undetectable. If you are going to replace your lost hair, and restore your confidence, you need the replacement system to be the best.

We only offer the very best, most natural and undetectable systems.

For a system to be undetectable it has to be very thin, and have a low volume of hair. Most systems available to day are machine made or stock, and therefore have a thicker base, requiring more hair to cover the base.

We use hand knotted lace systems, as the system is so thin, it can be styles in any way.

We can replace lost hair in the same way that you lost it....a little at a time, we can fit a very small system and then slowly increase its size to slowly give you your hair back.

We only use the very best hair as we have found it to be the best consistently available, The lace system will stay in place for between 10 days and 4 weeks, depending on the type of bond you use.
Rebonding can be done by your self at home, or by us.


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We can come to you!

No need to travel when we can visit you at home or at one of our centres around the country
6-12 month hair restoration

Using prescription medication to restore lost hair

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Finest Lace Systems

The very best, most natural and undetectable systems for Ladies and Gents